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Saturday, July 22, 2017
Student Contact Hours
Student Contact Hours
Buildings in which courses were scheduled in the Fall of 1997 (the last semester for which full records were available during the study) are colored red, focusing attention on a clearly defined academic core. Each blue dot affiliated with the building locations represents 100 weekly student contact hours. A student contact hour reflects an hour of time that a student spends in class or laboratory during a typical week of the semester.

Morton Hall is the most heavily scheduled building on the campus, with students in session for 7,205 student contact hours each week. Bagby hall is the second most heavily scheduled facility, with slightly more than half the number of hours scheduled in Morton, 3,974 weekly contact hours. Gilmer Science reflects 2,507 hours of instruction per week, with the balance of instructional time being split between Winston Hall (Arts), The Maples (Languages), and Eggleston Library.

Classroom analysis shows that few rooms are scheduled more than 75 percent of the available hours during the daytime in a given week (thirty hours out of about forty), evidence of efficient management of resources. But some rooms are scheduled for more than thirty hours per week. Most institutions of Hampden-Sydney's size and mission will schedule instructional spaces at a target ranging between 60 and 75 percent of available hours in order to have spaces available to accommodate fluctuations in course schedules or enrollments, special events, periodic maintenance, etc. Providing additional classroom and seminar spaces would lessen wear and tear on some more heavily scheduled spaces. Also some seminar rooms in Morton, in particular, are very narrow and constricted for effective classroom dialog. If replaced in new construction elsewhere, some of these spaces might be better converted to faculty offices.