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Saturday, July 22, 2017
Predominate Buidling Use
Predominant Building Use
This drawing color-codes buildings by their predominant uses. It illustrates the functional sectors of the campus.

Academic buildings are colored red and are grouped along the Via Sacra and east slopes above Chalgrove Lake. Eggleston Library lies in the midst of this grouping and is colored purple. Student housing is shown as yellow, denoting dormitories, and as dark orange, denoting fraternities. Campus life or student activity buildings are colored dark green. The pale green indicates special use buildings, such as the Crawley Forum for conferences and the Atkinson Museum. Blue indicates administrative office locations, focused chiefly near the intersection of College Road and the Via Sacra, but with satellite locations, one adjacent Route 153, the diagonal road at the upper right of the drawing. Brown shows the locations of athletic and physical recreation buildings. Physical plant is shown as dark gray. Houses owned by the College but used for visitor housing or staff housing are colored light orange.

Clearly there is a distinct academic core to the campus. The three housing sectors lie north of Chalgrove Lake, east of College Road, and south of Via Sacra. The recreational sector is removed from the central campus, largely, one surmises,, to take advantage of somewhat more level, more open parcels of land. Dispersions worthy of note include the scattering of administrative offices and the campus life facilities. Some separation is tolerable on a small campus, but collegial exchange and collaboration can be hampered even by small distances.