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Saturday, July 22, 2017
Campus Landscape
Campus Landscape
This drawing depicts the College's landscapes. The map reveals a strong pattern consisting of a few simple elements that generate a memorable setting.

First, it is clearly evident that the College sits in the midst of a rolling, wooded tract. Forested areas shown by the dark green tree canopy envelop the campus to the east and west. A more sporadic (but not sparse) pattern of tree plantings highlights the core of the campus. An underlying tone of lighter green indicates the area that was labeled during the campus plan study for convenient reference as The Lawns — this is primarily the academic core precinct.

Two other types of landscape elements highlight the drawing. The first is the bright green, depicting the athletic fields and recreational courts, evidence of a strong athletic tradition and vital recreational program. The second landscape type is shown by the chartreuse color, indicating cemeteries, an unusual, but not rare, element within a College campus. The cemeteries are not, in fact, College-owned property; they are College Church and Union Seminary properties. Physically, however, they are an integral part of the visual experience of Hampden-Sydney.