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Saturday, July 22, 2017
Campus Architechture
H-SC Campus It seems as though it is a foregone conclusion that the development of the Hampden-Sydney campus will continue along the stylistic lines established by history and practice. However, a clear statement weighing in on the issue will leave future generations no question about the campus plan recommendation.

The architectural style for the College is established: buildings will be constructed of red brick, trimmed in limestone and white-painted wood. Building accents — shutters, wrought ironwork, etc. — will be painted black or dark green. The referential architectural style is Collegiate Georgian, or Federalist in some cases; new buildings may vary slightly from this theme or, as in the case of any vigorous architectural style, become inventive variations on the basic style. Palladio, who is credited with revival of classical elements in Georgian England, after all, was the inventor of a new architectural order. Scale, however, is tantamount. Given the village atmosphere of the campus, new structures should strive to maintain human-scaled proportions and details on all buildings, regardless of overall size.

The Hampden-Sydney campus is a treasure; the 1999 Campus Plan urges its preservation, its studied enhancement, and its deliberative extension in the beginning of the upcoming century and all those to come. — DLC+A