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Saturday, July 22, 2017
The Lawns
The Lawns
The campus plan designates an area as the Lawns, which extends from the north of Cushing Hall to the south of Venable Hall and from Chalgrove Lake at the west to Atkinson Hall at the east. This is a designated precinct, the core campus, to be maintained in its current pattern of lawns planted with shade trees, interspersed by the occasional stand of shrubbery, and in special locations gardens and plazas. Some studied observers advocate the replanting of boxwoods, which may require somewhat more intensive maintenance than some non-historic plant materials. The College will study such proposals and may elect to use this species at special locations to highlight a distinguished structure or historic site.

The Lawns are intended to be a pedestrian-predominated zone. Parking and drives will occur only adjacent public access buildings. Wherever feasible, street paving (asphalt with concrete curbing) should be replaced with pavements that give the appearance of walkways, rather than freeways. Broad walks are especially suitable for groups of pedestrians engrossed in conversation as they traverse the site, as well as for occasionally conveying emergency or maintenance vehicles. One particular area where this principle might be aptly applied is at the service area between Settle Hall and Eggleston, described in more detail below.