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Saturday, July 22, 2017
Eggleston-Settle Plaza
Eggleston-Settle Plaza
The service area, and specifically the turnaround leading up to the service dock at Settle Hall, is in a very prominent position on the campus. It is located at the base of the slopes of the Lawns, which yield otherwise pleasant views of Chalgrove Lake and surrounding College buildings. The campus plan objective is to improve the view, particularly from Admissions at Graham Hall, so that this critical aspect of the campus is consistent with the general visual appeal of the College.

One simple course of action is to ban long-term parking of dining service vans in this location and to introduce some screening shrubbery, irregularly planted so as not to call attention to the area or the intent of its planting, as would a trimmed hedge. A more elaborate proposal would be to design and repave the area, to serve both as a vehicular turnaround and as a plaza that might be scheduled for student social events during evening or weekend hours when delivery vehicles would not need access to the area.