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Saturday, July 22, 2017
Connecting Walks
Connecting Walks
The Concept Plan drawing shows needed pedestrian routes across the campus that would link buildings and areas now separated by lawns and roadways. The basic routes are marked on the drawing as dashed red lines. Winter or early spring weather impedes walking access with snow and mud. Establishing paved linkages encourages walking from building to building, rather than driving and parking, the latter being a pattern of behavior that is not unknown to occur in populations of able-bodied college students. Walks that are paved and lit for safety will encourage movement across the campus and, thus, will encourage use of all facilities, even those that may seem perceptually remote to students such as the Kirby Fieldhouse and the proposed new library.

The College will study the final designs for walks - locations, paving types, and fixtures. Two design elements are strongly recommended. First, major connecting walks should be broad, between eight to twelve feet in width, to allow passing groups of several people to walk side-by-side rather than single file. Second, seating locations along walking routes, for benches or other seating that is in keeping with the character of the campus, should be established as a means of encouraging students to linger, either to meet others or to pause in reflection and enjoy the landscape.