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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Green spaces are a vital part of the heritage of the Hampden-Sydney College campus. The site development pattern reverberates with the character of surrounding farmland. Expanses of open, rolling topography and wooded land are punctuated with buildings. The visual impact of the campus is the very essence of rural, historic Virginia.

Though landscapes at Hampden-Sydney are well maintained, little attention has been given to open spaces as a part of the form of the campus. The campus plan analyses have identified and labeled open space areas that form the image of the place, with the intent that once recognized and given terminology, these spaces become figural, rather than background. The intent is to preserve the character of the open spaces, as they are exceptional and contribute immeasurably to the unique character of the College and its highly developed sense of place. These ideas may even be extended to the prospect of naming spaces formally and endowing them in order to assure their managed preservation along clearly established guidelines.