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Saturday, July 22, 2017
Illustrative Campus Plan

The Illustrative Campus Plan drawing shows an aerial view of the Hampden-Sydney College campus as it might appear upon the completion of the project agenda described in this report. The image illustrates the design concepts and site development principles, established in 1999, that are key to the effective support of the College's mission and planned program initiatives stated in its strategic plan.

The Illustrative Campus Plan drawing is not a set design; the physical development of the campus to be seen in an aerial photograph ten years hence may vary from this image as architects and landscape architects exercise their creative responses to the College's requirements at the times when each project is commissioned. Assumptions fixed at this writing are likely to evolve and to be transfigured in coming months and years. Changes in curricula, fluctuations in enrollments, or shifts in funding sources may have impact upon individual or collective sets of projects. A campus plan is a blueprint, not an accomplished construction. It is a vision of a future horizon; it is not a predetermined, unchangeable commitment etched in stone.

This campus plan has been purposefully conceived and carefully wrought by extended collegial discussions. It reflects the potential of an energetic and evolving institution as it commences its third century in the heart of Virginia. — DLC+A