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Saturday, July 22, 2017
13. Whitehouse Residence Renovations
Whitehouse Residence Renovations
The College also is undertaking the renovation of the Whitehouse Residence Hall as a part of its program to improve and upgrade residential conditions on the campus. The renovation of the building is one aspect of Whitehouse improvements; the other aspect will be the relocation of parking from the front doors of the Whitehouse units to provide a broader green space that can be used for casual recreation.

The aesthetic appeal of the area will be heightened, as the area now looks more like motel accommodations than a collegiate setting, owing chiefly to the presence of the parked cars. A perimeter walk around the green will be designed to be broad enough to support emergency vehicles and to provide convenient access for students on moving days. The College will give further study to the replacement of the existing parking downslope from Whitehouse to the north, as the existing lots are not well utilized.