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Saturday, July 22, 2017
3. New Physical Plant Facility
New Physical Plant Facilities
Relocation of the physical plant facilities — offices, shops, storage, and parking — creates campus development opportunities, in addition to being a necessary improvement for the efficiency of plant operations. Relocation of maintenance facilities to an edge of the campus not only will put the facility in a better relationship with the highway (Route 133) for easier truck access, it will also remove what may charitably be termed an eyesore from adjacent an important historic structure, Venable Hall. Clearly, the elimination of semi-trailer rig traffic near the core of the campus will be an enhancement to day-to-day campus life.

The Illustrative Campus Plan drawing shows an inset detail of the area identified for physical plant. This site was chosen both for its convenient access to Route 133 and for its being screened from neighboring homes by the intervening woods. A building is shown west of the water tower and fire station. A parking lot for plant and employee vehicles is illustrated, as is a driveway connection to the campus, eliminating the need for plant vehicles to turn onto Route 133 to gain access to other parts of campus. The first new structure is shown, the main plant building, at nearly 40,000 GSF. This building includes physical plant operations offices, staff spaces, storerooms, shops, a central receiving dock, and 10,000 NSF of warehouse space. Other buildings to be added to the site may include a pole barn and chemical storage shed, in addition to the 100-space parking lot shown on the drawing.