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Saturday, July 22, 2017
7. Graham Hall Renovated for Administrative Use
Graham Hall Renovated for Administrative Use
The southern part of Graham Hall was once a gymnasium; the northern part was a residence. It is a handsome but rather modestly scaled structure. Because both the Bookstore and the post office need additional space, better public access, and better loading dock facilities, they are proposed for relocation to a renovated Eggleston as part of a student-focused facility. Admissions, in the northern portion of Graham, would remain.

Full reconstruction of the southern portion of Graham is proposed to become the location for Development, now split between Estcourt, a former residence located at the far end of Atkinson Avenue, and Hampden House. Development's connection to the campus and its visibility suffer in its current secondary locations.

Project plans anticipate full reconstruction, and possibly the insertion of a new floor to complete the second level of Graham. About 7,300 NSF of space will be available, enough to accommodate the consolidation of Development, Public Relations, and Publications, and provision of additional office spaces, yet to be identified.

This reconstruction will need to provide elevator service for both the north and south portions of Graham. A new accessible entry might be created as part of the reconstruction on the west side of the building. The site development concept recommended by the campus plan and shown in the Illustrative Campus Plan drawing envisions a terrace on the west side of the building overlooking the Lawns sloping toward Chalgrove Lake. The terrace would be a counterpart of the quality of the recently renovated terrace on the east side of the building. This outdoor space would serve an important function as a campus gathering space. Even though Graham will be primarily an administrative locus, it is important to draw students to the facility to maintain the contact that is important to the effective functioning of any collegiate administrative unit. In the mind's eye, one might imagine the proposed west terrace as the locus for small receptions or as the beginning point for the College tour for prospective students and parents, a literal and gracious overview at the very heart of the Hampden-Sydney campus.