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Saturday, July 22, 2017
8. Gammon Gymnasium Renovation & Expansion
Gammon Gymnasium Renovation and Expansion
The College has completed preliminary programmatic and architectural studies to more fully define project needs for the renovation and expansion of Gammon Gymnasium. When completed these plans call for all intercollegiate athletics, with the exception of basketball, to be located in Gammon Gym.

The proposed plan calls for the addition of 17,634 GSF of space in two phases. The first phase will address early-programmed requirements with 10,816 GSF of new construction. Attic and shell space will be finished as a second phase of development. Plans call for additions on the east and south sides of the existing building. After completion the building will meet all program requirements and all current codes, including handicapped accessibility.

Attendant improvements to athletic fields will include drainage and irrigation of all fields and a new track.