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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Hampden-Sydney College Campus Plan Study Introduction

Planning Context

Illustrative Campus Plan

Campus Plan Key Drawing

Campus Plan Concept

Please review the H-SC Long Range Plan Buildings:
  1. New Library
  2. New Fine Arts Facility
  3. New Physical Plant Facilities
  4. Eggleston Reused for Student Services & Activities
  5. Bagby Hall Space Reassignments
  6. Morton Hall Space Reassignments
  7. Graham Hall Renovated for Administrative Use
  8. Gammon Gymnasium Renovation & Expansion
  9. Kirby Renovation for Health-Wellness Facility
  10. Johns Auditorium Renovations
  11. Gilmer Hall Addition for Sciences
  12. Fraternity Circle Renovations
  13. Whitehouse Residence Renovations
  14. Observatory Improvements
Summary of Campus Plan Building Actions

  1. Via Sacra Streetscape
  2. The Lawns
  3. Patriots Garden
  4. Eggleston-Settle Plaza
  5. Connecting Walks
  6. Gateway Improvements
  7. Fields Improvements
  8. Fraternity Circle Improvements
  9. Lake Mayes
  10. Tadpole 2
  11. South Walk
  12. Wilson Nature Trail Retreat
  1. Gateway Lot Screening
  2. South Lot
  3. Physical Plant Lots
  4. Via Sacra Redesign
  5. Whitehouse Quad Redesign
A Note on Campus Architecture

Campus Site Analysis: Space Inventory Summary


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