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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Goal 2:     We will support programs and other initiatives so that our students will learn that the capacity to live a moral life and to provide leadership and service are among the most important outcomes of higher education. 

Pedagogy extends beyond the classroom to active engagement in co-curricular student life.  Promoting a sense of community within our rural academical village is essential if we are to succeed in our academic mission. 

   The College will continue to support a student-run Judicial System with a strong Honor Code that prohibits lying, cheating, or stealing, or toleration of any who do.

   The College will fully endow the operations of the Wilson Center for Leadership in the Public Interest and of the Society of 91 program and seek constantly to extend opportunities for student training in leadership. 

   The College expects and supports student, faculty, and staff participation in major service activities (e.g., construction of a Habitat House) and will promote involvement in service activities beyond the gates of the campus.

                  Active engagement of faculty members in student life will play a significant role in promotion, tenure, and salary determinations. Faculty members will interact with students as advisors to clubs and organizations; as collaborative research partners; and through foreign study trips, internships, professional meetings and service projects to the community on and off campus. 

                  The College will strive to create opportunities for faculty and staff members to live on or adjacent to the campus, and will continue to provide rental housing as well as houses for purchase. 

                  The College will remain residential, with roughly ninety-five percent of our students living in College residences.