Check Your Work Order Status

We want to provide individualized service for all community members who need help with computer or network issues. We can do this best if we speak with you in person or by telephone, so we don’t post a work request form. Please call us at x6911 or stop by the Help Desk.

IDNameDate ReceivedStatusSpecial Instructions
12648Saunders, Edwin Carroll01/13/2016 02:40 pmWaiting On Client
12036Tyler, Joseph Anthony04/27/2015 08:12 amWaiting On ClientEmailed 12/16/15
12393Trivette, Charles Alexander10/9/2015 03:24 pmWaiting For Parts
11461Spencer, Mr. Charles H08/19/2014 10:34 amPlease See TechnicianLeft Message with Robert Mason's VM.
12757Computing Center02/26/2016 09:12 amLoanerLoaner- Alumni Office - Carter Allen
13171Computing CenterLoanerLoaner to Norma (Police Dept) - August 10 - August 23, 2016.
13014Traore, Dr. Salif Famory05/26/2016 12:00 amIn Progress
12663Zhao, Dr. Jinzhuo01/18/2016 11:50 amIn Progress
13159AthleticsIn Progress
13042Bagby HallIn Progress
13043Bagby HallIn Progress
13153Buildings and GroundsIn Progress
13080Cheyne, Dr. Stanley AIn Progress
13044Church BuildingIn Progress
13051Church BuildingIn Progress
12967Computing CenterIn Progress
13206Computing CenterIn Progress
13196Dickerson, Warren TrentIn Progress
13130Financial AidIn Progress
13045Gilmer Bldg.In Progress
13046Gilmer Bldg.In Progress
13047Gilmer Bldg.In Progress
13048Gilmer Bldg.In Progress
13114Hall, Dr. Robert GivinIn Progress
13203Hollingshead, Henry AugustineIn Progress
13204Ingle, Brick Thomas KnoxIn Progress
12983Isaacs, Dr. Justin PIn Progress
13138Khurana, Dr. InduIn Progress
13195Kurz, Aaron GranvilleIn Progress
12951Lewis, Mr. David DodgeIn Progress
13185Lewis, Mr. David DodgeIn Progress
12963LibraryIn Progress
12987LibraryIn Progress
13049Morton HallIn Progress
13050Morton HallIn Progress
13052Morton HallIn Progress
13053Morton HallIn Progress
13136Morton HallIn Progress
13191Nicholson, Acrey EdwardIn Progress
13099Rostan, Mr. Raymond HIn Progress
13156Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Michael AllenIn Progress
13158Smith, Mrs. Catherine BIn Progress
12896Thurman III, Dr. Hugh OIn Progress
11839Herlihy, Connor Anthony A.01/26/2015 12:27 pmComplete
13202Taylor, James VincentComplete
13192Washburn, Alexander JosephComplete