Check Your Work Order Status

We want to provide individualized service for all community members who need help with computer or network issues. We can do this best if we speak with you in person or by telephone, so we don’t post a work request form. Please call us at x6911 or stop by the Help Desk.

IDNameDate ReceivedStatusSpecial Instructions
11711WWHS Radio Station11/19/2014 01:06 pmWaiting On Client
11705Shepherdson, Mr. John G11/19/2014 09:35 amWaiting On Client
11700Curran, John William11/17/2014 12:26 pmWaiting On Client
11673Buck, Dontae L.11/5/2014 12:00 amWaiting On Client
11665Gregory, John Austin11/3/2014 04:15 pmWaiting On Client
11659Kirby Field House10/30/2014 02:51 pmWaiting On Client
11565Martin, Tyler Wayne09/18/2014 01:00 pmWaiting On Client
11429Cooke, Mrs. Sandra Pispeky08/8/2014 11:36 amWaiting On Client
11605Collie, John Alexander10/7/2014 11:40 amPlease See TechnicianNothing found to be wrong with screen and screen connectors. Possibility that motherboard needs to be replaced.
11461Spencer, Mr. Charles H08/19/2014 10:34 amPlease See Technician
11282Computing Center05/20/2014 08:48 amLoanerLoaner to HR
11718Palmer, Dr. Julia Elizabeth11/21/2014 10:12 amIn Progress
11715Gillespie, Dylan Alexander11/20/2014 10:57 amIn Progress
11208Museum04/15/2014 09:50 amIn Progress
11708Shepherdson, Mr. John G11/19/2014 09:42 amComplete
11691McGhee, John Robert11/13/2014 09:33 amComplete
11652Gass, Andrew Thomas10/28/2014 01:21 pmComplete
11628Willy, Aaron Jay10/17/2014 11:28 amComplete
11550Buildings and Grounds09/11/2014 09:34 amComplete
11453Monaco, Alexander Frank08/18/2014 04:09 pmComplete
11376Allen, Michael S07/23/2014 10:06 amComplete